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As a Successful Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Fortune 500 Executive and Million Dollar Marketing Mentor, I have helped a multitude of people to triple their income and experience a level of business success most never achieve even with the demands of the busy multi-dimensional lives we all lead today


As a rapid results expert, master sales trainer and profitability coach I can help you see with absolute clarity where the hidden $100k is in your business.


30 minutes with me will undoubtedly uncover thousands in profit that can easily be captured in your business-thousands you are currently missing out on... every... single... month.


A laser beam focus on profit has allowed me to become an advisor to multi-million dollar firms that are serious about growth, profit and overall business efficiency. Why aren't you taking advantage of the same benefits they are?

Would You Like a

672% Increase in ROI?

I have helped a multitude of individuals create explosive income growth and career success beyond what they believed possible, even with the ever growing demands of the multi-dimensional lives we all lead today.

I have trained hundreds of individuals from the ground up to become high performing, profit producing business builders as both Corporate Employees, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Years of testing, refining and perfecting the strategies I teach has allowed me to deliver precise, systematic and strategic guidance to you that will literally save you thousands of dollars in failed efforts and years of time wasted trying to arrive there on your own. The processes I teach have consistently delivered profitability growth year over year ranging from 50-350% growth.

There is a reason why an average executive reports a 672% plus ROI increase when working with consultants, such as myself.

Great Results. Happy Clients.

"Kelly helped us to focus on specific actions we could take to immediately boost sales. With Kelly’s help we were able to increase prices earlier this year and develop a tiered customer pricing strategy for 2015 to price our customers more appropriately for the value we offer. We are growing at an 18% run rate year over year and on pace to do 15 million in sales in 2015."


Mike Davenport, VP of Operations, Park Supply of America

"I hired Kelly to get my Sales Team productive. We are an International Spice Company with clientele that have high standards that require both customization & sophistication in the sales and service delivery process. In just four weeks Kelly was able to take my new sales rep, who was not producing any revenue, from 0 to $26,000.00 in sales."


Salim Mavany, Owner, Majestic International Spice

"When I started working with Kelly as a private client about a year and a half ago, my business was undergoing a lot of changes that were having a significant negative impact. Without Kelly’s coaching and direction, my business would have closed its doors last summer. Kelly is the reason we are still in business. Not only am I still in business, but I am projecting our 2015 sales to double from last year."


Jack Saia, Owner, Inner Health & Wellness & Simply Chiropractic

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Most small business owners are hardworking and passionate and stellar at their craft but unfortunately none of this guarantees success. It's not your fault you have struggled up until now BUT you and only you can make the decision that the future will be different, and it all starts here.


When you are ready to make a leap in your business and never look back its time to take 30 minutes to invest in your future and get the guidance you have been lacking to make your dreams a reality.


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