Welcome to the one and only business growth incubator that turns the disjointed pieces into a million dollar strategy - no matter what stage or age you’re starting at.
I see you, the tired, stressed, overworked business owner. You jumped into entrepreneurship confident you could make a bigger impact in your life and that of your customers outside the confines of the traditional 9 to 5.
But something happened along the way…
You’re working long hours, barely moving the needle on your income, but you’re not able to get off the hamster wheel.

You know you want a different lifestyle and a successful business, but taking the time to change things means earning less money...and you’re barely making ends meet as is. You think,
“How can I work ON my business to change things when I’m always working IN my business?” 
You’re watching other entrepreneurs in your industry and wondering, “Do they work as much as I do? Is this normal? What’s the trick to their success?”

The thing is, if you’re working that hard on your business and you’re unable to change your current situation, you’re also not having the impact you should be having. You went into business because you wanted better outcomes for your customers and a better life for you and your family.

And your customers and your family deserve nothing less than the best you can give them.
Want to step in the role of confident, successful, happy, 
results-achieving business owner? 
Are you ready for lasting, major shifts that will make you happy and thriving in your life and your business? 

Start looking forward, because there IS a way to work less, earn more, tap back into your passion for your industry and business, and to love entrepreneurship again!  
A business incubator program with experienced business mentorship, results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, training on-demand, and a community of driven, focused business owners. 

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is NOT an online course.
In fact, if you are looking for another course to purchase and collect virtual dust on your computer - this is not for you.

If you are:
-A service-based business owner or medical professional who needs to implement online solutions to free up time and give your business the ability to scale further

-Noticing you are way too reliant on referrals alone and need a steady, predictable way to generate leads and close high dollar ideal clients consistently

-“On” social media but not closing clients from it consistently each week

Customized mentorship through the full 12 months
- You will be placed on 1 of 3 tracks in the program as agreed upon by our Coaching Staff
- Specific milestones and reports are checked on
- "No Hiding" Policy - we will know if you aren't participating
Regular Accountability coaching Support & Calls
- Weekly Strategic Coaching with Kelly
- Weekly Marketing Coaching with Stephanie
- Monthly Accountability Coaching with your assigned coach
Access to the membership portal 24/7
- Templates
- Swipe Files
- Scripts
- Audio + Video content
- Printables + Downloadables

Systems, processes, and infrastructure that scale businesses
- Establish initial systems
- Create multiple revenue streams
- Refine your infrastructure
- Create a plan to fill in the gaps
The UE roadmap/blueprint that will scale your business by 6 or 7 figures this year
- A Custom Plan is built for you and WITH YOU on your Orientation Call
- Weekly + Monthly progress checks from us
A “Do Not Fail” Policy
- Set progress reports that our Accountability Staff checks on each month
- Access to our team on the Weekly Live Calls + in our private Facebook Group
Sales systems & consistent lead flow designed for entrepreneurs
- Build your sales system based on our protocols and remove the guesswork
- Mapping your profit for the next 3+ years during your 12 months with us
- You will learn both the online + offline systems that generate consistent results
Super supportive and knowledgeable Facebook community
- Surround yourself with the most focused, driven, and supportive community of entrepreneurs
- Participate in our Business Exchanges and build referral partnerships
- Enjoy competitions, giveaways, and other fun, interactive community initiatives
Access to a former Fortune 500 executive who knows how to sell millions
The best way we can help you to grow is by letting Kelly get her hands in your business -- and the "UE" program is where Kelly's focus and dedication is. 

She combines the million dollar+ closing strategies with the speed of online marketing to help you grow faster.
What We Stand For:
  •  A hands-on, results-based approach that works WITH you on your custom plan
  • ​Long term sustainable growth, NOT the ‘tactic of the day’
  • ​Long range visions that put the disjointed pieces together into a workable system
  • ​Timeless principles that give you back your time and sanity while helping you achieve big leaps
  • ​A 360* support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and implementation that creates an Unstoppable Entrepreneur
Exceed your Goals - With a System, it Becomes Simple.
"In my 2nd launch I made $36,000 in revenue using Kelly's method!"
--- Jessica Barnak, Jessica Barnak Coaching
"Through Kelly's program, I had 80% sales growth comparing this year to last year!"
--- Katie Sartino, Once Upon A Dream Performances
"Through Kelly's program, I had 80% sales growth comparing this year to last year! "
--- Katie Sartino, Once Upon a Dream Performances
"Unstoppable Entrepreneurs has helped me 4x my profits so far!"
--- Denise Povernick, InnerStrength U
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur provides coaching + training coupled with accountability and support through the full implementation process.

We WILL help you create immediate results when the strategies are implemented in accordance with the system and protocol we teach.

Playing small isn't going to create your first (or next) 6 figures.
Time to become UNSTOPPABLE.
Build a Life and a Business You Love.
"Using Kelly's methods, I have 130% growth this month compared to last! "
--- Cori Schuman, Schuman Fitness
"I'd done 3 launches before with zero sign ups. This time using Kelly's method my paid group is nearly full!"
--- Diahana Barnes, Diahana Barnes Success Strategist & Coach
"I'd done 3 launches before with zero sign ups. This time using Kelly's method my paid group is nearly full!"
--- Diahana Barnes, Diahana Barnes, Success Strategist & Coach
"I tripled my profits in my first month in the program!"
--- Danielle Cevallos, Basic Girl Marketing
Put yourself on the springboard to success. You are SO close.
$650/month for 12 months
  • Audios, Videos, Templates, Swipe Files, and More (how-tos on everything you need)
  • Access to the Unstoppable Entrepreneur membership portal: (250 trainings & mobile friendly!)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (plus opportunities for 1:1 laser sessions and hot seats)
  • Private Facebook forum (where every question is answered by Kelly + team, along with insight from your fellow members)
  •  Your Own Accountability Coach (to keep you on track, focused, and motivated)
  • Exclusive Interviews & Webinars with Guest Experts (on topics YOU select) 
  •  Access to Kelly's Private Rolodex of Business Resources (the tools and services we TRUST)
  •  Audios, Videos, Templates, Swipe Files, and More (how-tos on everything you need) 
You can also pay-in-full and receive a 10% discount.
Frequently Asked Questions 
I'm BUSY (working full time, new parent, etc).  Will the Unstoppable Entrepreneur still work for me?
Please know that we built this program with the busiest people in mind -- Kelly built her business on the side of her Fortune 500 role, and scaled the business as a new mom. Our goal is not to give you more work, but help you leverage the time you *do* have in a more effective and strategic way. We recommend that you prioritize the Weekly Live Calls and take action during your normal working hours on the things discussed on the calls.
How will the Unstoppable Entrepreneur help grow my business?
When you join the "UE" program, your very first step is an Orientation Call with a member of our Accountability Coaching team. On that call, we will discuss with you where your business is today and your big goals for the next 12 months. From there, you will be placed on a customized track through the program. That track, coupled with your Weekly Coaching Calls, will be the springboard to your fastest business leap.
Will I recoup my investment in the program?
The average ROI starts at month three! You’re not only going to get back your investment...you’re going to add multiple 6 figures and in some cases 7 figures. 
How do I know if the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program is right for me?
If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur that is ready to commit to taking the next steps that will lead to the next 6 or 7 figure breakthrough in your business, and you’re ready for change and for results, THIS IS FOR YOU. We take the raw materials you already have and turn you into a profit-producing machine. What we need from you is your 100% commitment to your business and to follow through on the systems we will teach you.
What is your “Do not fail policy?”
Every single person who comes through the Unstoppable Entrepreneur has access to a 360* coaching system: Strategic Coaching directly from Kelly, Marketing Coaching from Stephanie, and Accountability/Implementation Coaching from Nicole and Theresa. You have four coaches along with the other members of our team behind you and you are working with at least one every single week. We hold you accountable for implementation and check your progress at every step -- and we don't allow anyone to hide from us:)
I’m not sure if you can support my specific type of business…
Between 2012 and the time you are reading this, we have worked with hundreds of different industries in 7 different countries around the world. To give you a few examples, we've worked with: pest control companies, marketing agencies, speakers, pediatricians, virtual assistants, medical weight loss doctors, empowerment coaches, event/party companies, lawyers, real estate agents, gymnastics gyms, photographers, health coaches, and the list goes on....
How long do I have access to the program?
You have 12 months to work through the program (and no, we don’t recommend you take all 300+ trainings!) Instead, you work with a coach who will refer you to the appropriate parts of the UE for YOU and your business.  
What if I want more one-on-one support with Kelly?
You always have the option of upgrading to more coaching support with Kelly! Simply let us know, and we’ll set it up!
Kelly Roach is known as THE BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.
As a former Fortune 500 executive who built and led record-breaking teams in 17 locations around the US, Kelly's programs and consulting encompass billion dollar corporate strategies combined with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today.
Kelly is a featured expert on ABC, NBC, Fox, the CW and in some of the world's leading publications such as Inc. and Forbes where she shares the principles of her best-selling books and host of top 100 Marketing and Management podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio.

Kelly is committed to ongoing philanthropic work to bring clean drinking water to those who do not have access and is the co-founder of Give Her Courage, a movement to instill courage and confidence in the girls of our future from the start.